Our Garden Design Process

Initial Meeting

At this meeting, we will establish your requirements and ambitions for your garden; how you envision using it, elements you would like included and your style and preferences. We will establish particular characteristics unique to your plot, and discuss a realistic budget.

Our portfolio presentation will show you completed garden designs, (in some instances appointments can be made to view these first hand). We will clearly explain our process and what you can expect at each stage.

This meeting is free for those who live within 40 minutes travelling distance from my studio in Quinton. I will charge my travel time only to those who live further afield, (hourly rate for travel £30.00).


We will write to you to summarise the requirements for your garden, as discussed at the initial consultation and this will include the estimated cost for the production of a master plan design. This will formalise the contract arrangements and we will then request a small deposit before we proceed.


Once first steps have been agreed, we will undertake a survey of your plot. For small, straightforward spaces, we complete the full survey ourselves – measuring and plotting existing elements that may affect the finished design (such as trees to be retained, services, inspection covers, boundaries). This service is included in the cost of the production of the masterplan. For larger, or more complex sites – such as steep gardens or those with multiple level changes – we obtain a quotation from, and subsequently appoint, a specialist surveying company to provide a topographical plan.


We create a full, hand-drawn masterplan, designed to scale, which illustrates how the garden will be laid out – including all the elements required and discussed during previous consultation. Materials will be specified, but can be altered to suit taste or budget. Samples and mood boards are provided where relevant. Key planting elements will be indicated, along with loose suggestions for planting within borders (colour, height, style). A detailed planting scheme can be offered as an additional service (link to lupin). Modifications are discussed at this stage, and it is customary to implement any changes to the masterplan. Work outside of the initial brief will be subject to agreed additional charges.

Tender Stages

To give a sense of eventual cost, we can provide ballpark figures at this stage – including hard and soft landscaping elements, and for proprietary work required. Alternatively, detailed quotations can be requested from the companies we work alongside. You may also elect to contact other companies to provide independent quotations. This process will allow you to determine the overall cost implications of your project.

Detailing (Phase Two)

Planting Plans: Working alongside Lupin Gardening Ltd, planting plans can be produced for a complete garden design or a single border. Plants will be carefully selected for suitability, style, colour and seasonal interest. Cost for this service will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Construction Drawings: these may be necessary for bespoke features and specific finishes. Fees for this work will would be discussed and agreed.

Lighting Plans: We can provide detailed lighting plans that include specific fittings and location within the scheme. Fees for this work will would be discussed and agreed.


Once you have approved the design and the planting plan, along with any other work required and the project budget agreed, we will carry out the work to transform your garden. You will have agreed stage payments with the appointed contractors and final payments are made on completion of the work on site, after snagging has been agreed.

Design Fees

Our design fees will depend on the complexity and size of your project. Generally, starting at around £700.00 for the design of a small front garden and increasing depending on the size or complexity of your plot and requirements. My professional design fee is £32.00 per hour.

I offer a free initial consultation of up to an hour, to those living within 40 minutes of my studio in Quinton. For those living further afield, I will add a charge of £30 per hour for travelling time.

I require a small deposit before commencing work upon the design. All other services are charged as outlined in my quotation, including planting plans and construction drawings.

For a free initial design consultation to establish your garden design requirements call 07976 953070 or fill in our enquiry form and we will be in touch with the next steps.

A Selection of Our Garden Design Projects