Georgian Style Front Garden – Edgbaston

This proud and elegant property was in need of a front garden that would complement its stature and importance. Forming the corner of the road, this Blue Plaque property (a former residence of George Cadbury), deserved to have a garden that would give it an understated prominence.


A simple parterre design, appropriate to the period when the property was developed, incorporated the existing standard roses and the clipped Buxus squares that surrounded them. Balance was achieved by introducing a larger, single square Buxus parterre on the left-hand side. A standard Holly was planted in the centre, providing ample room for annuals and bulbs, giving spring and summer colour.


Low growing evergreen Azaleas and trained Pyracantha were used to soften the perimeter walls and to add interest. White ‘Iceberg’ Roses will be planted all along the inside of the front wall, to form a beautiful backdrop to the period railings, which will be added soon. A golden gravel, retained with natural stone setts, was used to soften the space around the parterres and to link the two spaces. A natural stone path, lined with a low Yew hedge, was incorporated to give a formal entrance to the front door. Large planters with Buxus cones were placed either side of the front door to give a subtle grandness.


Project completed in collaboration with Lupin Gardening Ltd and Avalon Landscapes & Design Ltd.

‘Having looked out on a largely paved front garden for many years it seemed time for some remodelling to both enhance the appearance of our house and our outlook. We wanted to keep some much loved and reliable roses and Mel worked with us to retain the features we liked and rework those about which we were less keen.
She produced a design which has transformed our small garden into one which has drawn favourable comments from all of our visitors and even passers by. She worked seamlessly with Avalon Landscapes and Lupin Gardening to give us something of which we are proud. All three companies were professional reliable, flexible and responsive. We couldn’t have been more pleased.’
Ros Hamburger

Key Design Features

  • Period Georgian style
  • Classic parterre design
  • Natural stone entrance path
  • Golden gravel walkways
  • Buxus cone planters