"I have a confession to make. I love our garden, but I don't really enjoy tending to it. When we inherited it, nothing had been done for years. There were huge sycamore trees, sprawling hawthorns and a half submerged and rusty Anderson shelter from World War 2.

Somebody told me about Mel and her designs. She came round and had a look at the mess, then turned up a few days later with her plans to transform it. We could hardly wait for the work to start.

Now a few years down the line, the garden has matured and it's the structure and shape which really stand out. I've made the borders as low-maintenance as possible, and everybody who visits is wowed by what they see.

A good design helps to keep a garden looking great even if you're not the world's keenest gardener. You see the overall effect, and given a good planting scheme, the rest just seems to fall into place.

I would recommend Mel to anyone wanting to get the most from their garden.
- Derek Jones

Arts and Crafts House with a Large Modern Garden   

The patio, adjacent to the house, is constructed from slate and hardwood decking and took its inspiration from the style of the property. It has a bespoke built-in seat in slate and raised beds planted with Box balls. Louvered screening is used to give privacy. The curved lawn leads to a wooden pavilion and a birch tree woodland area will eventually be planted next to it.   

Photos credit: Craig Stephens

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