"And can I just take this opportunity to say how much we love the garden. It's easy to say 'oh yes, it looks lovely', but we genuinely have spent more time out there than ever before and we both really, really love it. Can't thank you, Sue and Mick enough for making it such a beautiful space."
- Karen Burling "

1930's Garden for family 'get-togethers'

This is the biggest garden transformation that we have been involved in and as you will see we have created a beautiful space, from what was a dark and dank wilderness!

Over time the garden space was slowly being eaten away by large Laurels and ‘sky rocket’ conifers. I don’t think that the clients realised what a large garden they had hidden away. Once a space for bringing up football-mad children, this neglected plot was now being designed with grownups and entertaining in mind. Initially we were only asked to look at the lower part of the garden, as this was the best aspect, being south facing. It soon became clear that with the addition of a new conservatory to the kitchen, the whole garden needed a total makeover.

The area near to the house now includes a simple water feature and a circular patio to sit and catch the morning sun; an ideal spot for a lazy Sunday breakfasts. A half figure of eight pathway, with arches, leads you through the circular lawned areas to a ‘suntrap’ of a terrace in the lower section of the garden. Adjoining this is an outdoor cooking area for serious entertaining; it includes both a BBQ and a pizza oven. This makes for fantastic family get-togethers. We have also included a section of wildflower turf, which will eventually have fruit trees planted in it. This will in time become a heaven for wildlife!

We can’t wait for the planting to happen and watch with great excitement as this garden matures and becomes even more beautiful!



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